• India's largest MOOC is Introduction to modern Application development

    A free online course by IIT Madras & Hasura


    Build an app in 8 weeks! Free for anyone, anywhere

    Certificate of completion offered by IIT Madras


    Course begins on 23rd January 2017

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    Video Feedback from IMAD in September

    Introduction to IMAD

  • WHAT is IMAD

    A free 8-week course for those who want to learn about the world of app & build one too!

    The WHAT, WHO and WHEN?

    IMAD (Introduction to Modern Application Development) is a MOOC on how to build web/mobile applications offered by Hasura & IIT Madras.


    If you just want to experience the joy of building an app, or have dreams of finding a job at one of the hottest tech companies or actually building one or just understand the app world that you cannot escape, you have come to the right place!


    We believe building technology can be both fun and empowering. We also think one can never be too young or too old to learn new things, and that applies to technology as well!


    This online course will bring together a combination of theory and practice to convey the principles of building web applications.


    By the end of this 8 week course, you would have learnt about the Internet & the fundamentals of app-development while actually building your own web-application.


    Please look through the FAQs section for the required reading materials prior to starting the course.


    Course begins on 23rd January 2017!

  • INDIA's largest MOOC with 57,000+ registrations!

  • About the Organisers

    IMAD is brought you by Hasura & IIT Madras


    A Platform to Build & Deploy Cloud Native Applications​

    Hasura gives developers a platform to build & deploy cloud-native apps very fast.

    For example: a working backend of an MVP for a BookMyShow like app can be built in under a day.


    Apps built on Hasura are built on some of the most cutting edge technologies today adopted by tech giants like Amazon, Pokemon-Go, Netflix, SoundCloud & Flipkart. We abstract these tools to help set up a sophisticated architecture in a few clicks.

    IIT Madras

    One of India's premier engineers institutes

    Indian Institute of Technology Madras is a public engineering and research institute located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and is one of India's most prestigious universities.

    They also offer online courses as a part of NPTEL and provide certification for those who complete the course and write an offline exam for the same.

  • HIGHLIGHTS of the course

    It's for anyone, anywhere!

    And it's free!

    • You don’t need to be a tech geek to take the course. Anyone, from any background, can take the course.

      • If you know basic programming, practical sessions will take you through building your own app and the theory will teach you the fundamentals that go into it.
      • If you are in Business Development/Marketing or Managerial roles, the theory classes will help you communicate better with your tech teams.

    • The course condenses technical jargon into easy and comprehensible language

    • The course strives for the right balance between theory & practice -- build an application quickly, but also ensure that it never breaks.

    The course offers great flexibility

    You can plan your study schedule around a time-table of your choice.

    • The course videos will be available online (NPTEL/YouTube), and can be watched at any time.  
    • In a few weeks, you would have built your own application.

    • You can take the course even from the comfort of your home.

    What's more?

    IMAD encourages you to build a network to learn the material, clarify doubts, and make contacts. Learning in groups is always fun.

    • A peer to peer discussion forum will be available to all students -- this will naturally encourage debate and discussion.

    • The course will have graded assignments, and a final test -- this will help you keep focused through the course.

    In addition, anyone who completes the course can get a certificate from IIT Madras!

  • Course Outline

    A blend of theory & practice

    1.Introduction to the Internet

    What really happens when you connect to a website via your browser? What is a client and a server? Understand the basics of networking and common network protocols.


    2.Building a web application

    Build a basic but complete application. You will deploy your own server & write a web application.



    Learn the how & why of modelling data for your application using databases. How do databases work? Make the previous web application "dynamic" by serving content from your database.


    4.Performance & security

    Analyse performance and learn how to measure things on the web. How do you ensure security of your applications? We will also teach you how to 'hack' into applications. Learn about cookies, sessions & the need for encryption.


    5.Build a mobile application

    Finally, we will take a deep dive into building mobile applications!


  • Why take this course?

    Completing IMAD opens you up to a world of opportunities


    Adding tech skills to your resume is relevant in most fields today. You can even get certified by IIT Madras!


    Be part of a tech team as a developer or communicate more effectively with one as a business person!​


    If you have always wanted to build out your idea, this course gives you the ingredients to get started!


    An opportunity to gain experience as well as broaden your repertoire of skills.

  • instructors

    Get to know your faculty!

    Faculty, IIT Madras

    Dr. Gaurav Raina is a faculty in the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Madras. He is also a visiting research fellow in the Statistical Laboratory at Cambridge University. His interests span from performance modelling of large scale systems like the Internet and transportation networks, to financial technologies. He also played a role in the development of the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) banking standard in India.

    (Mobile Financial Services in India)

    Head of Engineering, Hasura

    Tanmai Gopal is the Head of Engineering and co-founder of Hasura, a core-tech startup. He is also a technology advisor to several early stage startups and is a passionate advocate for real-world programming education. Although from a computer vision background his focus over the last few years has increasingly been on cloud infrastructure, functional programming and relevant software engineering practices. He holds a Bachelors cum Masters degree from IIT Madras in CSE.


  • Partners

    Several Partners come together to make this course great



    DigitalOcean will offer $15 credits to all the course participants of IMAD and $50 to 10 course toppers who also build a complete app during the course



    Sheroes is working together with Hasura to ensure that we have more #womenintechnology. Sheroes is a career destination for women professionals, committed to career success and individual work-life fit.


    This is the FAQ section. Please send us any questions you have via our Facebook & Twitter channels.

    P.S: MADI, the dinosaur, is the mascot for IMAD

    Can I get the internships if I don't write the certification exam.

    Interview opportunities will only be given to the course toppers. The top 5% who write the official IIT exam and build a working app.

    Is prior programming knowledge required for the course?

    Prior programming experience will be helpful to do the practicals and build your app, however it is not necessary for completing the course. Students without programming skills will be able to follow the course and understand the basics behind building web/mobile apps.

    Who is eligible for the course?

    Anyone above the age of 13 years can take the course. Videos for the course are available freely on the IMAD youtube channel for anyone to follow and learn.

    What is difference between the January and September offerings of IMAD?

    The January 23rd course will have additional hours of content. We will be adding a few hours of content to the module which covers building a mobile application and we will also be adding a few more tutorials and practical lessons. The fundamental structure of the course will however remain the same.

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    Want To Build An App? Check Out This Online Course

    www.imad.tech - Learn to Create Mobile Application (APP) for Free through OnlineRead

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